The Rudolph Law Firm is conveniently located in Plymouth Meeting, PA.  This location provides easy access to legal representation for our clients from the Blue Route, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Northeast Extension and Schuylkill Expressway.  Additionally, we are able to meet clients in Doylestown, Philadelphia and Radnor, Pennsylvania and in Marlton and Roselle, New Jersey.  The firm offers free consultations by appointment and accepts all major credit cards. Contact the firm today to schedule a consultation regarding any of the following legal practice areas:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Time is critical after any type of motor vehicle accident. Motor vehicle accidents include ATV’s, bicycles, buses, cars, motorcycles and trucks. Injuries may have occurred despite no initial feeling of pain or discomfort. Failure to seek proper medical attention could result in greater discomfort and expenses later. It is important to contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney as close to the date of accident as possible. An experienced attorney will explain the process of starting a claim with your insurance company for medical and property coverage, put the others on notice of the accident and get documents required if litigation is required. Most importantly, the sooner a knowledgeable lawyer gets involved after an auto accident, the more likely it is that valuable evidence will be preserved.

Medical Malpractice

Injuries resulting from medical practitioners can be either directly caused by medical treatments or the failure to properly treat a condition. Our firm helps clients in fact finding and aids them in the assessment of potential liability. Once the collection of facts is completed, clients are guided through the possibility of legal action based upon actions or inaction’s and the subsequent effects. These cases are difficult to gauge early in the process and can take time to provide a strategic plan for success. The Rudolph Law Firm understands how the deliberate pace affects the client and their families and believes through a commitment to communication and explanation will ease the anxiety. The laws regarding malpractice are constantly evolving and our team is ready to fight on your behalf, leading the client to redemption.

Burn Injury

Injuries caused by chemical, electrical, fires or workplace accidents can cause a person to become debilitated. In addition to seeking medical treatment, an injured person should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. While on the road to recovery, The Rudolph Law Firm will work tirelessly to obtain fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Spinal Cord & Brain Injury

Injuries to the spinal cord and brain go unnoticed because symptoms may not be immediately apparent after a traumatic event. It can take time after the trauma for symptoms to appear and by that time it could make your recovery more difficult. Our team is experienced in dealing with these injuries through directly communicating with your treating physician and working as a team to help you regain health.

Business & Contract Law

The law firm handles aspects of small business organization including setting up partnerships and corporations, drafting shareholder agreements, drafting corporation bylaws, contract negotiations and business dissolution. We also handle private contracts including drafting an agreement, resolving disputes, breach of contract and breach of warranty actions.