600 West Germantown Pike Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 19462

600 West Germantown Pike
Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 19462


The Rudolph Law Firm is experienced in civil and criminal court room litigation. We strive to successfully come to an agreeable resolution, without entering a courtroom. However, some matters cannot be resolved prior to trial. When trial is necessary, our skills, preparation and communication place you in a position for success.


As a boutique litigation firm, each client becomes a member of our family. When a client contacts us and retains our services, they join a family who zealously fights to protect its own. Success is contingent on continuous dialog to understand the specific facts of a case and concerns our clients have. Active and honest communication is a key component in putting us in the most strategically beneficial position to win.


Redemption is knowing that our client, their family and others involved with the case were in the best position for success, regardless of the final outcome of the matter. The ultimate goal of an Attorney is to provide restoration to our clients. As a member of our family, we will work with you to help you feel better than prior to requesting our help.

While the outcomes of legal matters can never be guaranteed or even predicted, what can be guaranteed and predicted is the ability to give the strongest effort and complete the task. This effort leads to the feeling of victory and will leading our clients to success.