Joshua Marc Rudolph, Esq.

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Prior to entering the legal profession, Mr. Rudolph was an entrepreneur and political strategist. He operated a restaurant and nightclub where sales continually grew over his tenure. As a political strategist, he worked with elected officials and major associations building successful advertising and political campaigns nationally and throughout Pennsylvania. Representative clients include candidates for the positions of President of the United States, Governor, United States Senate, United States Congress, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Superior Court of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State row offices and Township Commissioners.

In 2006, Mr. Rudolph joined the Law Offices of Sander Budanitsky as a law clerk. His work included assisting trial counsel in preparation of PIP arbitration’s, Depositions, Motion practice, filing of complaints with the Superior Court of New Jersey and legal research. In 2012, Mr. Rudolph became a Litigation Associate with the firm handling bodily injuries cases, contract cases, criminal defense, claims against the Government and motion practice. As a Litigator with the firm, he successfully represented clients in personal injury protection actions, civil lawsuits, criminal defense and contractual disputes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He defeated defense motions seeking judgment against clients in matter regarding Claims against the Government, medical expense reimbursement, civil liability in injury claims and contract clauses.  Moreover, Mr. Rudolph had charges withdrawn against clients in criminal actions due to lack of admissible evidence.

Mr. Rudolph worked at the Chester County District Attorney’s Office (PA). At the District Attorney’s office, Mr. Rudolph handled hundreds of criminal matters including DWI/DUI, drug related offenses, summary offenses, misdemeanors and felonies. Mr. Rudolph conducted preliminary hearings, entered eligible defendants into alternative programs, argued Suppression Motions and Bail Hearings before the Court of Common Pleas, successfully negotiated summary agreements and wrote multiple briefs in support of the Commonwealth.

Mr. Rudolph graduated from Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania and Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware. Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Rudolph was awarded the Taishoff Institute of Advocacy and Public Service for specialized legal studies in Criminal Law and Trial Advocacy Law with honors and earned Pro Bono. Mr. Rudolph is barred in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

While not assisting his clients, Mr. Rudolph enjoys reading about history and the evolution of government. His hobbies include playing golf, hiking, camping and spending time with his wife and three sons. Mr. Rudolph is an active member of the Congregation at BTBJ in Erdenheim.